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30 May 2021

Integration with DeGould Auto-scan

Kingfisher Systems has successfully integrated our online, inspection and back office solutions with DeGould's Auto-scan product.

DeGould Auto-scan allows ultra high resolution images to be captured in an optimised controlled lighting environment providing a full and accurate vehicle condition record. The integration adds to the existing suite of digital features available within the Kingfisher product portfolio.

Traditional vehicle imaging solutions have relied on capturing images on a local device then distributing those images to multiple subscribing software systems such as online stock locators and vehicle inspection apps. As image quality has improved, and the size of the underlying images has increased considerably, the overhead of uploading and downloading images to third party systems has become substantial. Once captured, an image can be copied to a local area network then uploaded to an online repository while being imported into a vehicle inspection app. Every time an image is copied from A to B this incurs overhead and a potential failure point that results in images not being correctly distributed to downstream systems.

Our integration with DeGould leverages the efficiencies offered by cloud technology to provide a lightweight modern solution. When a vehicle is processed by Auto-scan, the images are stored in DeGould's cloud infrastructure. The various Kingfisher solutions then query a DeGould API to obtain the related image URLs for a given vehicle thus removing the need for raw images to be exchanged between systems.

Ian Fisher comments "The key principle at the heart of this project was to ensure that our software systems did not process or import any DeGould images. Working purely with image URLs greatly simplifies the process and results in a much more robust and lightweight solution. The new functionality was launched at Central Car Auctions in late May and has been a great success from day one."