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Live Bid

Live Bid offers buyers a secure and reliable method of remote bidding over the internet.

Auction Manager


Launched in 2009, Kingfisher Live Bid provides a secure and reliable means of bidding over the internet to vehicle auction customers throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Running in 21 companies over 33 locations, Kingfisher Live Bid removes the need for the buyer to attend a physical auction.


Using the latest HTML5 technology to produce a device independent solution that will run on any platform, Kingfisher Live Bid 2 takes accessibility one stage further. Clients now wishing to bid at auction can do so on smart phone or tablet removing the need for the bidder to be tied to a laptop or PC. Requiring only a Wi-Fi or 3G connection the buyer has complete freedom to bid at auction from wherever they are.


Since its launch in April 2014 Kingfisher Live Bid 2 is now in use at over 30 locations across UK and Ireland and, with buyers becoming more comfortable with the mobile bid concept, the product is now an essential element of the auction process. 

When the user navigates to the live bid website, they are presented with the initial login screen:


On entering a valid username and password, the user is then presented with a list of Live Bid sales:


Clicking on 'View Catalogue' presents the user with a list of vehicles in the sale:


Click on 'View Details' to get extended information on a chosen lot:


Click on 'Open Live Bid' and the bidding client is displayed:


The bidder is presented with details of the lot currently being auctioned. Top left is a live video feed from the auction, along with an audio feed of the auctioneer.

In 2020, we have successfully implemented and deployed a Web RTC audio / video solution to replace the previous Flash technology. This investment ensures that Live Bid's audio and video can now be viewed on mobile and desktop devices without the need to first download an app. The new solution features sub second latency and reinforces Live Bid's position as the leading online bidding platform for the vehicle auction industry in the UK and Ireland.

Vehicle Inspection: Central to the success of Live Bid, and internet auctions in general, is the ability to provide potential buyers with as much information as possible on vehicles being offered at auction. The Vehicle Inspection system allows vehicles to be appraised in a consistent manner with supporting images. This information is available on the Live Bid platform allowing buyers to make informed decisions as to which vehicles to bid on. Providing the pertinent information in an easy to understand format results in increased online sales.

Click on 'View Condition Report' to view the report created via the Vehicle Inspection system:

Inspection Report PDF

Key Compatibility Facts About LB2

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • OSX
Web Browsers
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Maxthon