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Vehicle Inspection

Developed using the Kotlin Programming Language, our Android app allows a vehicle to be fully appraised and inspected at the point of collection.

Auction Manager


Vehicle Inspection: Central to the success of Live Bid, and internet auctions in general, is the ability to provide potential buyers with as much information as possible on vehicles being offered at auction. The Vehicle Inspection system allows vehicles to be appraised in a consistent manner with supporting images. This information is available on the Live Bid platform allowing buyers to make informed decisions as to which vehicles to bid on. Providing the pertinent information in an easy to understand format results in increased online sales.

Developed using the latest version of the Kotlin Programming Language, this Android app allows a vehicle to be barcoded and fully inspected at time of collection. The system fully supports and implements the NAMA Grading standard allowing consistent and reliable grading of a vehicle's overall condition.


The Android app allows a pre printed barcode to be attached to a vehicle at the point of arrival. The barcode is then scanned using the app and the user enters the vehicle's VRM. The app then queries Auction Manager for details of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not found on Auction Manager, the system connects to Experian / HPI to obtain vehicle details.

When the vehicle exits the site, the barcode is scanned and Auction Manager updated with the offsite date. Additionally as the vehicle moves around within the site, the barcode can be scanned to provide an up to date location for the vehicle.

The app also allows physical stock takes to be done, and can also be used to 'lot' the auction sale.

Inspection System Functionality

  • Creates a graphical vehicle splat allowing damage details to be recorded and costed
  • Produces supporting pictures of the vehicle highlighting any refurb requirement
  • Records the customer's signature
  • Produces a PDF inspection report for the customer detailing any damage or additional charges
  • The inspection report can be emailed directly to the vendor
  • Provides an end to end paperless solution
  • Supports and implements the NAMA Grading standard