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13 May 2020

Online Auction Solutions provide lifeline for Vehicle Auction Industry

With the restrictions currently in place in the UK making traditional physical auctions impossible in the short term, online solutions have allowed many companies in the vehicle auction industry to continue to operate regular sale events.

Kingfisher Systems has invested heavily over the last few years in our cloud-based auction systems portfolio including Live Bid and Bid & Buy Now for our independent customers and Simulcast / AIMS for Manheim Auctions.

Ian Fisher, MD of Kingfisher states ‘The last eight weeks has proved to be a very busy period for us supporting our customers as they move their sales programmes into a purely online environment. Sales channels such as Live Bid, Simulcast and Bid & Buy Now are proving invaluable in the current climate. Additionally, our handheld inspection system ensures that vehicles are listed with high-res images and comprehensive vehicle condition reports to give buyers the confidence to bid online.’

‘Recently, we have seen demand for vehicles starting to grow as the motor industry begins the operational reactivation process. Prices achieved on behalf of vendors have been strong and conversion ratios are improving. As the economy starts on the long road back to recovery, online sales channels will play a more important role than ever.’

At the end of March, Kingfisher deployed the latest version of AIMS, our industry leading auction management system developed for Cox Automotive. The release includes numerous new features and enhancements which will further help drive operational excellence and efficiencies across the Manheim Auctions and Vehicle Solutions network.