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MCOE live in Montreal

November 1st sees the deployment of the Manheim Canada Operatiing Engine (MCOE) at Manheim Auctions in Montreal, Quebec. Developed by Kingfisher Systems, MCOE is Manheim Canada's new auction operating system which promises to streamline processes and provide operational efficiencies across Manheim Canada's auction centres.

The rollout of MCOE began in Halifax, Nova Scotia in mid August. This was followed by deployments in Edmonton, Moncton, Vancouver and Toronto, with Montreal completing the delivery of the MCOE transport module functionality. The product has been launched in conjunction with the ReadyConnect transport management system.

Stephanie Turner, Senior Manager, Business Development & Strategy, Cox Automotive Canada, states "Our MCOE and ReadyConnect rollouts have been successful across the country, and the collaboration between Manheim, the Ready Logistics team, and our MCOE team members has been nothing short of superb."

Across Canada, the Manheim team - who have been very engaged and committed to the launch - have processed a large volume of transport orders each successfully managed through ReadyConnect and MCOE.

"We're confident in the new system and have already received positive feedback that will help us to continue to make improvements." said Turner. "In offering increased visibility to our transport and auction teams, we are supporting effiencies for Manheim, along with the growth and expansion of Ready Logistics."

The successful delivery of MCOE respresents another important milestone for Kingfisher Systems in 2018. It follows on from the successful launch of AIMS for Manheim in the UK earlier in the year, with both products set for further development and deployment in 2019 and beyond.