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Manheim Canada: Introducing the Kingfisher Project

Introducing the Kingfisher Project: the plan to completely overhaul several of Manheim Canada’s systems.

"Using the experienced skill set of the development team in the U.K., we have teamed up with our colleagues from Kingfisher to take some of the platforms already implemented in our International markets, and to leverage some of the exciting things currently being developed. The Kingfisher Project will ensure that Cox Automotive International is aligned and ready to assist our clients as they strive for products and services to help their businesses succeed.

To make it easier to manage and for our clients to see real benefits as quickly as possible we’ve split the Project into three main areas:

1) Online Presence, led by our new website www.manheim. ca
2) Simulcast2 online bidding capabilities, which has been launched in our International markets for a few years now with huge success
3) a new Auction System that will completely revolutionise the operational processes in our business, and takes away the stresses and strains of our current AS400 system.

You’ll hear more about each aspect as we journey down the road further and we will make sure that everyone is as excited as we are at the thought of having 21st-century products that will help us, our clients and our businesses."

Stephanie Turner, Cox Automotive Canada, Sr. Manager, Strategy and Business Development