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Kingfisher completes phase one development of new Manheim Canada website

Today sees the launch of www.manheim.ca, the new digital presence of Manheim Canada. Built by Kingfisher Systems over a period of eight weeks, the responsive and multilingual website is the first stage on a journey that will see the complete redevelopment of Manheim Canada’s online and back office systems. The next version of the website will include a redesigned stock locator, as well as a ‘My Manheim’ section that will allow clients to view their purchases and make online payments.

Ian Fisher, MD of Kingfisher, states ‘In September, we were asked by our colleagues at Manheim Canada about the possibility of redeveloping their existing website. Work began in November and we are delighted to have completed the project so quickly. We have been greatly assisted by the team in Canada, along with the technical team in Atlanta. Next we will turn our attention to phase two, with enhanced stock locator functionality, as well as client ‘self-serve’ facilities. The fact that the new website is multilingual, allows Manheim Canada to better serve their French Canadian customers.’

The project is the first time Kingfisher Systems has worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the hosting platform of choice in the US and Canada. This has allowed us to compare and contrast AWS with Manheim Europe’s preferred hosting partner, Microsoft Azure.