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Manheim Europe launches new digital presence

Kingfisher Systems has completed the development of a portfolio of new websites for Manheim Europe. The culmination of eight months’ work, the launch involved the simultaneous deployment of ten websites for markets in Portugal, Spain and Italy. The umbrella website www.manheim.eu provides information on Manheim’s operations in Europe, with links to the individual market websites as well as salvage and white label websites.

The new digital presence provides Manheim Europe with an unrivalled technology platform which will be developed further over the coming months. Featuring a fully responsive design and multilingual interface the new portfolio allows customers to access Manheim Europe’s full range of services via mobile and other devices.

Managing Director, Continental Europe, Mike Mosier, said: “This brings us so many opportunities going forward. We’re entering a new era! The sites have already changed our position in the markets and will continue to do so in the future.

“Next we’ll turn our attention to phase 2 with a mobile app to drive push notifications of sales, outbids, promos, and more. We’ll strive for online payments and push marketing of specific vehicles and add more ‘consumer portal’ elements such as tile view and premium listings.”




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