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Inspection System Update

2016 has been a busy year for the Inspection System development team. January saw the roll out of the next generation solution to Central Car Auctions, shortly followed by South Western Vehicle Auctions. Next came West Oxfordshire Motor Auctions and Letchworth Motor Auctions who both launched the Inspection System, in tandem with Live Bid, in July. Independent Motor Auctions and City Auction Group Rockingham moved on to the new platform in October, with West Coast Motor Auctions scheduled for December. The system is also being trialled by Shoreham Vehicle Auctions and the Motor Auction Group in Rotherham.

Built using Motorola’s RhoMobile software suite, the platform compiles the app into versions which are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, all using the same codebase. This allows users to source their own hardware, be it tablets or mobile devices, and simply download the app from the relevant online store. The RhoMobile software provides pre-built controls which access device capabilities (eg. Camera, Barcode Scanner, Database). The app itself is an HTML5 website built using both JavaScript and Ruby to leverage these pre-built controls.

Managing Director Ian Fisher states ‘The team have done a tremendous job to roll out the solution so quickly to many different clients. Our customers were becoming frustrated with the old system due to aging hardware, low image quality and increasing reliability issues. The new system has addressed all these concerns providing our clients with a state of the art solution going forward. Being able to source their own devices has also greatly reduced costs, allowing users to choose the best hardware solution for their environment.’