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Rockingham Launch

The inaugural event at the City Auction Group Rockingham venue took place on the 5th of February with over £3,000,000 of corporate vehicles sold at the specialist sale.

MD Michael Tomalin stated 'the centre has the wow factor that's for sure. It's by far the most significant project I have led in my career and to get the result we as a team achieved on day one was incredible. The complete service was something we believe cannot be replicated anywhere else with the level of world class facilities on offer. The buyer attendance was immense with all the major UK buyers supporting the specialist corporate sale event with the leading Northern Irish dealer groups and car supermarkets purchasing in volume also'.

Kingfisher supplied Rockingham with Auction Manager Live Bid 2 and the Vehicle Inspection System. The ‘auction in a box’ software suite was installed and configured remotely reducing costs and the delivery schedule in the process.