Pioneer Auctions Website

Kingfisher Systems has completed the development of a new website for Pioneer Auctions, United Arab Emirate’s leading auction house. went live on Monday 12th September and is the latest in a series of websites developed by Kingfisher, including which was launched in July. Both websites feature Kingfisher’s latest timed auction engine which allows units to be offered online in an ‘eBay’ style auction format. In the coming months’ we will be working on a number of while label websites for our auction partners.






Ready Logistics Website

Kingfisher Systems has completed the development and deployment of the Ready Logistics Canada website The site launched on 21st June and will be developed further over the coming months with the addition of new features and functionality. Utilising the Umbraco CMS, and featuring a fully responsive design, this is the latest website project Kingfisher has completed for our Cox Automotive colleagues in Canada.

Ready Logistics is the national leader in full-service transportation logistics solutions to support planning, execution, and overall improvement in logistics for automotive auctions, dealers, commercial, and consumer clients in North America.

New websites for Fleet Auction Group and Protruck Auctions

Kingfisher Systems has completed the development and roll out of and The new websites, hosted on Microsoft Azure, feature a fully responsive design and incorporate Kingfisher’s unique ‘Drive’ technology. Ian Fisher, MD of Kingfisher, states ‘The new platform provides Fleet and Protruck with a state of the art digital presence. We plan to roll out the Drive technology to other independent auctions throughout the second half of 2017. Additionally, Fleet plan to now focus on the implementation of our next generation inspection system, bringing their technology portfolio fully up to date’.




Manheim Canada: Introducing the Kingfisher Project

Introducing the Kingfisher Project: the plan to completely overhaul several of Manheim Canada’s systems.

"Using the experienced skill set of the development team in the U.K., we have teamed up with our colleagues from Kingfisher to take some of the platforms already implemented in our International markets, and to leverage some of the exciting things currently being developed. The Kingfisher Project will ensure that Cox Automotive International is aligned and ready to assist our clients as they strive for products and services to help their businesses succeed.

To make it easier to manage and for our clients to see real benefits as quickly as possible we’ve split the Project into three main areas:

1) Online Presence, led by our new website www.manheim. ca
2) Simulcast2 online bidding capabilities, which has been launched in our International markets for a few years now with huge success
3) a new Auction System that will completely revolutionise the operational processes in our business, and takes away the stresses and strains of our current AS400 system.

You’ll hear more about each aspect as we journey down the road further and we will make sure that everyone is as excited as we are at the thought of having 21st-century products that will help us, our clients and our businesses."

Stephanie Turner, Cox Automotive Canada, Sr. Manager, Strategy and Business Development

Kingfisher completes phase one development of new Manheim Canada website

Today sees the launch of, the new digital presence of Manheim Canada. Built by Kingfisher Systems over a period of eight weeks, the responsive and multilingual website is the first stage on a journey that will see the complete redevelopment of Manheim Canada’s online and back office systems. The next version of the website will include a redesigned stock locator, as well as a ‘My Manheim’ section that will allow clients to view their purchases and make online payments.

Ian Fisher, MD of Kingfisher, states ‘In September, we were asked by our colleagues at Manheim Canada about the possibility of redeveloping their existing website. Work began in November and we are delighted to have completed the project so quickly. We have been greatly assisted by the team in Canada, along with the technical team in Atlanta. Next we will turn our attention to phase two, with enhanced stock locator functionality, as well as client ‘self-serve’ facilities. The fact that the new website is multilingual, allows Manheim Canada to better serve their French Canadian customers.’

The project is the first time Kingfisher Systems has worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the hosting platform of choice in the US and Canada. This has allowed us to compare and contrast AWS with Manheim Europe’s preferred hosting partner, Microsoft Azure.




Inspection System Update

2016 has been a busy year for the Inspection System development team. January saw the roll out of the next generation solution to Central Car Auctions, shortly followed by South Western Vehicle Auctions. Next came West Oxfordshire Motor Auctions and Letchworth Motor Auctions who both launched the Inspection System, in tandem with Live Bid, in July. Independent Motor Auctions and City Auction Group Rockingham moved on to the new platform in October, with West Coast Motor Auctions scheduled for December. The system is also being trialled by Shoreham Vehicle Auctions and the Motor Auction Group in Rotherham.

Built using Motorola’s RhoMobile software suite, the platform compiles the app into versions which are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, all using the same codebase. This allows users to source their own hardware, be it tablets or mobile devices, and simply download the app from the relevant online store. The RhoMobile software provides pre-built controls which access device capabilities (eg. Camera, Barcode Scanner, Database). The app itself is an HTML5 website built using both JavaScript and Ruby to leverage these pre-built controls.

Managing Director Ian Fisher states ‘The team have done a tremendous job to roll out the solution so quickly to many different clients. Our customers were becoming frustrated with the old system due to aging hardware, low image quality and increasing reliability issues. The new system has addressed all these concerns providing our clients with a state of the art solution going forward. Being able to source their own devices has also greatly reduced costs, allowing users to choose the best hardware solution for their environment.’

Manheim Europe launches new digital presence

Kingfisher Systems has completed the development of a portfolio of new websites for Manheim Europe. The culmination of eight months’ work, the launch involved the simultaneous deployment of ten websites for markets in Portugal, Spain and Italy. The umbrella website provides information on Manheim’s operations in Europe, with links to the individual market websites as well as salvage and white label websites.

The new digital presence provides Manheim Europe with an unrivalled technology platform which will be developed further over the coming months. Featuring a fully responsive design and multilingual interface the new portfolio allows customers to access Manheim Europe’s full range of services via mobile and other devices.

Managing Director, Continental Europe, Mike Mosier, said: “This brings us so many opportunities going forward. We’re entering a new era! The sites have already changed our position in the markets and will continue to do so in the future.

“Next we’ll turn our attention to phase 2 with a mobile app to drive push notifications of sales, outbids, promos, and more. We’ll strive for online payments and push marketing of specific vehicles and add more ‘consumer portal’ elements such as tile view and premium listings.”




Europe 3

Europe 4

Europe 5

Independent Motor Auctions website launched

Today sees the launch of the new website of the long established Leeds based family owned auction company. The site features a mobile friendly responsive design and incorporates fully featured stocklists as well as Live Bid 2, Kingfisher’s industry leading online bidding platform. The website is the first of a number of Kingfisher projects due to go live in the coming months including new sites for Wilsons Auctions, West Oxford Motor Auctions and The Fleet Auction Group. In addition, Live Bid 2 will be rolled out to East Anglia Motor Auctions. This busy schedule highlights Kingfisher’s ongoing commitment to the independent auction sector, ensuring our customers continue to have access to the latest industry technology.




Collaboration Award

Kingfisher Systems is delighted to have won the Collaborative Working award at the recent Cox Automotive UK Awards ceremony held at Mercedes World in Brooklands, Surrey.  The award recognises the successful deployment of Simulcast 2 to Australia and New Zealand, as well as the development of a new website for Manheim Brazil.

The Simulcast 2 project was a cross-continent effort, with the Manheim UK team guiding the Kingfisher development team in Scotland, to develop and configure the platform for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The IT team at Manheim in Australia was ably assisted by stream owners from every part of the business, and site champions in each Australian state and territory, as well as in Auckland. The progressive launch started in Adelaide in late September and saw 1-2 sites go live each week, for six weeks - a monumental effort by all involved, and a great beginning to a fantastic new service for Manheim customers.

Manheim entered the Brazilian market in 2015 with the opening of an auction centre in Sao Paulo. A UK project team was set up to co-ordinate the supply and configuration of a back office management system along with the development of a new website and various other systems. The OSCAR team in the UK undertook the back office development work while Kingfisher developed the new website. The UK project manager, Pete Saxon, managed the various work streams while liaising with the Manheim Brazil team to ensure their needs and requirements were fully met. In August, the website, developed using the latest technologies and featuring a fully responsive design, was one of a number of new systems simultaneously rolled out to the Brazilian market, ensuring the team there have the latest solutions at their disposal.

Welcome to Manheim Real Time Marketplace

Today sees the launch of Manheim Real Time Marketplace, a new online auction platform that will allow buyers to view and bid on vehicles from Europe’s leading fleet and vehicle management companies. The first vendor to offer vehicles on the platform is Leaseplan, whose global franchise manages around 1.3 million multi-brand vehicles.

The website is the latest project to be delivered by Kingfisher Systems and shares the same underlying technology as the Manheim Brazil website launched in August of this year. Featuring a fully responsive design and multilingual user interface, Real Time Marketplace will be further developed in 2016 providing European vehicle buyers with a multi-platform purchasing solution.