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LB2 Roll Out Gathers Pace

Following on from the April launch of Live Bid 2, July has seen the deployment of the product begin in earnest. SMA held its first sale on the Live Bid 2 platform on Tuesday 8th July, with The Fleet Auction Group, Protruck Auctions and City Auction Group all going live in the first two weeks of the month. Central Cars Auctions will follow in August, with Commercial Vehicle Auctions and Swansea Motor Vehicle Auctions scheduled for September launches.

The Live Bid platform offers purchasers a secure and reliable method of remote bidding over the internet. First released in March 2009, the system is in operation in auctions throughout Europe, the Middle East and Australasia. Live Bid 2 takes accessibility one stage further allowing clients to access the system via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Built using the latest HTML5 technologies the product provides an unrivalled user experience and is an essential component of today’s online auction industry.

In other developments, we have been continuing work on the new Dealer Auction platform due for launch in the UK later this year. The Spanish version of the system, www.dealer-auction.es, went live in July, with Australia and New Zealand due to come online in September. We will bring you more details on this new and exciting product in the coming months.